Not RIDE-Arc But An Incredible Facsimile!

As an enthusiastic group-night-bike-rider the two two-wheeled events I look forward to every month should go without saying, but I will anyway: RIDE-Arc on the first Friday and Midnight Ridazz on the second. So it was with an “Oh dude that sucks!” when I heard the news that this month’s RIDE-Arc was being canceled because its co-founder Alex “The Axe” Amerri sustained a broken arm in a fall on 4th Street during a running gun battle with alleged members of the Hancock Park Homeskoolaz while riding his bike and minding his own business.

Almost immediately thereafter a lightbulb went off and I shot an email to the 16,000-strong members of the IAAL‚Ä¢MAF that basically relayed the bad news and then like Bluto Blutarsky in Animal House I attempted to rally the troops into rigging up a late-breaking spinvitational that would serve as a substitute RIDE-Arc. Who’s with me? Well, Sean “I Don’t Do Nicknames” Bonner texted back immediately from either Hemet or the Aleutians with a bunch of expletives indicating his support, and Stephen “Mr. Rollers” Roullier said he was most definitely in, and our newest member Manny “Department of Power & Light” Treeson said “Sure, sounds great.”

Thus according to the IAAL bylaws, having successfully failed to establish a quorum I then contacted Alex in his suite at Cedars with the idea and after he pro and conned it for an hour gave us the greenlight pending the timely completion of the package of legal documentation he faxed over for notarized signature, which we returned via courier with a cashier’s check for an undisclosed amount and a Shetland pony (we didn’t ask). end result is that there won’t be a RIDE-Arc ride next Friday September 7, but there will be a willing and able imitation also known as IAAL‚Ä¢MAF Spinvitational No. 6.0 dubbed the “Ten Bridges” ride (click to biggify image) departing from the SCI-Arc parking lot (map) at 9:30 p.m. And while not as thematically grandiose or incredibly original and overachievingly enlightening as some of Alex’s past treks, it promises to at least partially and somewhat uniquely fill the void that otherwise would have been left this coming first Friday of September. Join us, won’t you?

4 thoughts on “Not RIDE-Arc But An Incredible Facsimile!”

  1. You guys are having way too much fun exploring the city! I’d join if I weren’t working.

  2. You funny. Something mid-bridge caught my eye, a little out of place but kinda like people looking down at the dead body below, so I biggefied the image, and I see bicyclists that oddly resemble IAAL/MAF-ers.

  3. I saw a bunch of Midnight Riders bicycle club people cooling their heels next to the Maravilla projects. Blocking traffic too. WTF people? People drive suburban style out there, and don’t see bicycle riders.

  4. Yeah… Jk… we were chillen by MVP cause someone ate asphalt pretty bad. People were pretty cool w/ us though. People showed their support for us when we went through East Los. Not a lot of rides go through there so it was a welcome sight with new things to see on a bike like… passing by Candelas… the Murals on Olympic and King Taco.

    Hey Will…
    Great ride you armed librarians put together. I totally wanted to get pics of the bridges but got lazy to stop. Very informative and a great experience. I was really hoping that you guys were going to go under the bridges too. That would’ve been pretty cool too.

    Man… I brought a couple friends and they were dying on the inclines. I lied and told them that there weren’t going to be any. LOL… Can’t wait for the next one.


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