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fcbloglogo.jpg I wish I had a great hook for you, but short version is that one of the most entertaining blogs (after of course) is the Foothill Cities Blog. The two writers on their one year anniversary have opened up their blog for additional writers to write on the Foothill Cities blog. The caveat is that you have a tie into the various FCBlog’s numerous themes. What happens in the SGV doesn’t stay here, it feeds the political grist mills.

I have to give the writers, Publius and Centinel a lot of credit. They have exposed a lot of stuff and generated a lot of controversy. Good controversy as the issues they have floated have inspired civic leaders or communities into action. I read them daily and comment about as often. (I’ve even linked to them when there is some really interesting stuff that goes on when it affects the whole metro area). Their site is entertaining. Certainly good role models for anyone wanting to challenge local officials in the blog format and stir up public debate.

With so much going on it was only a matter of time before they needed to open up their ranks to additional writers. It was announced here: “Hey FC…Can I Borrow the Key’s to the Blog?. Of course they give credit to for being one of the big blogs to do it first.

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  1. The blogs in Northeast L.A. are doing a kick ass job of community journalism – and the Foothill Cities bloggers are leading the pack.
    I hope even more hyperlocal blogs continue to sprout up, either single author or group.
    There’s nothing I love better than reading about whats happening in Los Angeles than by the people who live here, reporting on whats happening to them.

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