Summertime was a sweet, languid haze when I was a little girl. The heat rolling through the tropics where I grew up was fierce, yet it didn’t seem to bother us so much. We just slowed down, stayed in the shade and swam a lot.

I suppose part of it was that we didn’t have to race around a burning hot city like LA trying to accomplish everything on our to-do list… and work just wasn’t on the agenda.

One of my Grandmother’s favorite things to do to cool off when it was hot, was to crank up the ice grinder attached to the wall in our kitchen. She filled huge glasses full of shaved ice, then drizzled Coca-Cola over it. Ahhhh! Instant cool-off. Unfortunately, I don’t drink Coke anymore. My mother was right (she always had a conniption fit when she found out my Grandma was feeding us Cokes), there’s too much sugar in the darn things.

So how do you beat the heat here in our lovely desert/coastal oasis city of LA when the temperature soars? I wrote about this once before, but it’s so friggin’ hot, I thought it might be good to revisit it.

Yeah, I know, drink lots of water, but that bores me.

My new thing when it gets hot is to brew up a batch of red zinger or tangerine zinger tea, keep it in the fridge and serve it over ice. For some reason it really chills me down and everyone seems to love it. Something about the hibiscus flowers in the tea is a natural Chi calmer down. (I read that somewhere). You can mix in some mango juice for an extra zing. Hibiscus infusions are big in Mexico and since it’s a hella hotter down there, they must be onto something. Hibiscus has loads of vitamin C, so it’s pretty good for you too.

Thank God for the beach…. when it’s 100 degrees in Hollywood, the beach is a cool 76. So there’s that. Shopping is always an option, stores always seem to be pretty chilly and a welcome oasis… but then you have to risk spending money. Maybe just whipping out the old hammock and relaxing under a tree is the thing to do…. the breeze in the shade isn’t too bad. Or just stay inside your cool office and work. What’s your solution?

Me, I’m hoofing it to Malibu for the weekend and forgetting about this heat. Mermaids forever!


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  1. Fill some empty 2-litre bottles with water, freeze them, then take them out, wrap them in thin towels (ikea napkins are great), and place them strategically on/around your body. It’s practically the only way I can sleep these days :)

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