At the Tone, the Time will be No More

Something I’ve taken for granted and counted on (literally) for my entire life will cease to exist September 19th, and the only official word will be a footnote on your utility bill.

AT&T will be discontinuing the phone-in time service in California to make way for a potential 300,000 new numbers beginning with the 853 or 767 prefixes.

Apparently, phone in time service has bee disappearing across the nation. I had no idea. California and Nevada are the only ones left, and soon, only Nevada. This kind of bums me out. What? I gotta go to Vegas to hear the Time lady’s voice? What’s truly sad is it was not until I read the news of the service ending that I even found out the name attached to the voice I’ve heard my entire life: Joanne Daniels.

Joanne, my Dulcet Toned Time Lady, I hardly knew ye.

The Times has a pretty good article on it. (Ha! The Times! Get it? …What? Too soon?)

5 thoughts on “At the Tone, the Time will be No More”

  1. Another vestige of a simpler time, gone. Down the drain.

    Thank you, Joanne Daniels – I’ll miss you!

  2. I was always proud of discovering that it wasn’t just 853-1212 in SoCal, but 853 + any four digits. I would mash the keys to dial it. These days my digital cable box is the way to find the most accurate time.

  3. Oh NO. That is such a shame. When my computer clock and my phone clock get too out of synch I call the time lady to set things right again. What will my basis for time be from now on?????

  4. You can always call Tell Me (1-800-555-TELL). Say “time” when you connect and you get the current time. You can also get weather, movie times, and driving directions–all voice activated.

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