107 here and I have electricity too…how about you?

107today001.jpg I’m fried, I’ve done what I can to save power but….who didn’t? My sources at SCE let me know that the ISO is worried, stage 2 today and likely stage 3 tomorrow. You can get more California ISO and the flex your power here.

DWP cut Sunland off the grid around 2:30 for about half an hour to cope with the demand. Tomorrow promises to be more of the same. The SCE pal of mine joked that DWP being an independant power not public utility answerable to shareholders places like Sunland, Grand Terrace and other “trailer trash capitals of metro LA” get the power cut. (Don’t shoot me that’s the joke in the industry just repeating what I said).

According the the SCE mole if we go into stage 3 tomorrow or Saturday we may see the rolling blackouts. Do what you can to keep us up and running.

(The pic is mine taken minutes ago on my patio….it’s from the che-ez stroke it a few times to see how bad it is fully engorged).

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