The McCourts Move On Up!


Normally a “top deck” kinda guy I had the rare pleasure and opportunity to experience last night’s 4-3 Dodger victory over the Washington Nationals from a field level seat thanks to my friend and IAAL‚Ä¢MAF co-founder Michael of Super Lucky Cat.

It’s nice down there. The chairs are downright spacious and comfy compared to the cramped quarters on gets up there in the stratosphere. And dangit if eleven rows in front of us weren’t owners Frank and Jamie McCourt playing host to Courtney Cox and David Arquette-Cox (sorry, the only not entirely crappy point-n-shoot shot I got of them was of the backs of their teensy heads in the ninth inning).
Friends be they? Maybe, but by the magic of Google it seems cordial business between the two parties might have been the order of the night in regards to last month’s sale of the architecturally significant Cox/Arquette beachfront Malibu mansion (listed at $33.5 million) to the McCourts.

The jump in stadium parking prices should cover that cash outlay. That and the $12 beers.

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