Class Action Lawsuit?

August 29, 2007 at 4:55 pm in Rants

So I’m sitting here at my desk and my phone plays its “you have a text message” tune. Three times.

Not being a teenaged girl, you might imagine the number of text messages I get is pretty low, so this is unusual.

I look at the messages, and they are all from 90900, the Joke of the Day mobile phone service (

The first message gives me the PIN I will need to start the service, and the next two messages are a second invitation and the first joke.

I NEVER ASKED TO GET THIS and I din’t reply with the PIN number to start the service, but just to be safe I call AT&T and what do you know, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION they have enrolled me in this and already charged me $9.99.

How does it relate to LA? I’d love to know how many other people here have had this happen, and if any lawyers are interested in making these guys stop. I’m thinking class action lawsuits probably work that way (I could be wrong).

It’s not just them sending unsolicited invitations (which suck because I’m charged for text messages) – what totally freaks me out that they just signed me up and started charging me without my permission.

How many people are being charged by them (and maybe others like them) without their knowledge???

I sent a hostile email through the link on their website, and got this emailed response within a few minutes:

We, apologize for the misunderstanding.

Your cell number below will be removed from our service. Please allow 48 hours for the change to take effect.

Your cell account may have been charged our $9.99 monthly fee. If you reply to this email with a mailing address, we will send a refund.

Any lawyers out there who’d like to go after these creeps? It’s one thing to send one email looking for subscribers (annoying) and quite another to sign us up and begin billing without permission.


Just got email back from the FCC:

“Thank you for contacting the FCC. Certain critical information is required in order to process your complaint.
Please file your complaint on the FCC Form 1088.

See for filing online.”

At very least we should all go and file this form.

I was hoping a local attorney would read this and show some interest but so far no go – disappointing!

Super Duper UPDATE:

All of you looking for the class action lawsuit, the phone is (415) 434-9000 and the website is

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