Anna’s Fast Food Cuisine…little gem in Hollywood

8%2027%2007010.jpg Purely by accident today we came across Anna’s Fast Food Cuisine in Hollywood. We were going to go to one of the “100 Best” from the LAWeekly but as fortune would have it they were closed on Mondays. Do you think they could put that info in with the hours of operation? Better…I need to learn to call before just showing up.

My lunch partner and I weren’t too disappointed as next door was Anna’s. I’m telling you the wonderful odors coming out of that place were nice, spicey and with an “A” rating from the Health Dept in the window you knew that it was safe to enter. It is billed as Armenian and American cuisine, but it even has quite a bit of “mexican” on the menu. (pic is mine…from the che-ez, get’s bigger but not better).

The place is covered on the outside with vines and the smallish door opens into an even smaller waiting area where you get to order and then move out to the patio to wait for your goodies. The lobby will only handle 3 people in the line so don’t worry if you see a few people standing outside waiting to get in. The line isn’t long as Anna and the crew move you along very quickly.

Anna herself is really a sweet Armenian lady. Takes a lot of pride in explaining what you are looking in the small salad case and on her menu. My lunch partner and I couldn’t decide what we wanted and opted to go for a lunch plate and Anna added in a few extra goodies for us to share and make it into a meal for 2. To make things better she even tossed in a couple of dessert pastries (more on those later).

The standard lunch plate of Beef, Pork, Chicken or meatball kebob’s includes fries or rice and 2 salads for 7.75 to 8.25. Not a bad deal as the portions are pretty decent for the money.


The salads…Anna had this incredible cucumber, dill and yogurt salad that was so very green and fresh tasting, not weighty like the sour cream versions I’ve had elsewhere. What got my eye at the beginning when we walked in was the beet, bean, and potato salad. That wonderful salad is lightly dressed in a dilly vinegarette and just acid enough as to not bury the taste of the veggies. Quoting my favorite cooking squirrel…Rachel Ray…yummo!

Anna steered us to her “special” tossed green salad which she proudly told us how she adds her own combo of finely cut and chopped greens, tomatoes, green onion, cabbage and tosses with her own special “vinegar dressing”. OMG I didn’t think a salad so lightly dressed could be so good. You could taste each veggie with just enough bite to know it was dressed, never hid the flavors. Wow.


On to the main course. We ordered the pork kebabs which are served sans skewer. They were perfectly cooked through but not dry as pork done on a grill sometimes can be. The chunks of pork were sitting on a lightly dressed bed of chopped mint, cilantro, a couple of raw onion ringlets and parsley. Just the perfect amount of fresh green to lighten up the pork chunks. Flour tortilla’s were on the side (we could have had pita bread but we went that route instead).


The desserts were the final treats that were tossed in for good measure. One was this wonderfully walnutty and honey paste inside philo and shaped like a little cigar. The other was rolled nuts (pistacio???) and honey then pinwheeled with more crushed nuts on top. Really good…rich but not in that overly buttery way but a wholesome nut way. I could have made a meal of the pinwheeled ones they were that good.

The details on Anna’s
Anna’s Fast Food Cuisine
4859 Fountain Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90029

The place is near the corner of Fountain and Berendo. (Behind the whole Scientology complex if you need a bigger landmark to find it).
And…the pics are mine taken with the che-ez snap camera and all its low-res glory.

5 thoughts on “Anna’s Fast Food Cuisine…little gem in Hollywood”

  1. It’s funny you should mention the flour tortillas; I often use them as a wrapper for my homemade falafels. Not the same thing as a proper pita but it’s a decent substitute.

    BTW, baclava is the one of the best desserts around!

  2. It wasn’t baklava, but very similar. I forgot what she called those little pastrie. Baklava is usually got more honey in and on it. It’s all good in my book.

  3. The Militant decided to skip on his own mess hall today and went over to Anna’s Cuisine. He had the chicken kebab sandwich and a drink. Although he was a bit short on change, Anna (or the main proprietor) said it was cool and she can be paid back later. The Militant did mention he heard about her place via the Internet, she sounded quite surprised.

    They’ve been open for nearly 10 years! The wonders of Los Angeles…you learn something new every day.

  4. I told you that place was cool. It’s so far off my usual path no wonder it took me 10 years to find it. Glad you enjoyed. Isn’t Anna the nicest lady!

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