About Your Script…


You live in Los Angeles, right? I bet you have a screenplay in your computer hard drive somewhere, if not a hard copy of it in your desk drawer. Or maybe you’ve made notes on a script you are going to write. Or you have a great idea for a movie that surely you’ll write sometime soon and sell for a jillion dollars. It’s such a great idea, it writes itself!

If any of these are true, and you really do want to make it as a screenwriter, I highly recommend getting yourself to one of Pilar Alessandra’s writing classes through her company On The Page. I took a one-day course from her the Saturday before last called “Beyond the Chick Flick: Writing the Female Driven Script” and found the class and Ms. Alessandra inspiring and thought provoking. It helped me clarify a few things with my current script (Of course I’m writing a script!) and really made me want to take the six week/six step writing class she is holding this September/October. Alas, I will be out of town on a movie shoot doing my day job.

You, however, are more lucky. Ms. Alessandra is offering $50 off her September classes for all my “blog fans” (as she said.) (The classes are either on Thursday nights from 7-10pm or Saturdays from 12-3pm.) She also offers one-on-one script consulting and other one day seminars. Read some of the many success stories from former students and clients and check out her *new* podcast. Sign up now before the classes are full, because in reality, scripts don’t write themselves. Soon you’ll be putting fingers to keyboard and writing the next Little Miss Sunshine or Heroes.

On The Page
PO Box 18798
Encino, CA. 91416
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: 818.905.8124

(Full disclosure, I had never met Pilar before the class last week but enjoyed it so much I had to share!)