Dinner & Dessert In SiFi


I am still pushing everyone to refer to my neighborhood as SiFi, by the way. This is a neighborhood that borders SIlverlake and FIlipinotown. It is located between Filipinotown to the east, Koreatown to the west, 3rd Street to the south and Silverlake to the north. See my original post for details.

Anyways. Because I didn’t feel like slaving over a hot stove today, I suggest that my fiance, our houseguest and I all walk up to the chicken place on Virgil, LA Fresh Poultry. A whole, fresh, rotisserie chicken with rice and beans for $10 sounded like a fine deal to me. So we went on a walk up there, bought dinner, and then walked back along the short bit of First between Virgil and Commonwealth. Which was when this sign, for L’Artisan du Chocolat caught my eye:

After the jump: photos of both stores, from inexpensive chicken to some very interesting high-end chocolate by a husband and wife team.

The interesting thing about LA Fresh Poultry is that it covers many cultures and languages. I think the original is Egyptian, based on this sign inside:

and this one in back:

But there are also KoreanChinese and Spanish language signs under the giant fiberglass chicken on top of the building:

and in the front at the parking lot:

And there is a giant Pikachu doll on top of the soda fridge to add to the multiculturalism:

On the side, by the racks of chicken broth and condiments for sale, there was – what else? – a feather duster:

What amazed me was that across the street from the polleria, and behind the karaoke machine store, we found L’Artisan du Chocolat, a chocolate shop owned by husband and wife team Christian Alexandre and Whajung Park. The shop struck me as belonging more on the Ile de St Louis than in SiFi. They were clearly very prestigious:

And the chocolatiers were very creative as well. Some of the chocolates read more like a salad than a candy box.

We tried the Korean garlic as a sample after making our purchase. I had heard the genial (and very French) Christian Alexandre telling the customers before us that for the first time in their lives, they would not have to be afraid of the vampires, as they tried to identify the flavor.

Other flavors seemed orthodox by comparison:

I bought a box of six: Cucumber Vodka, Rose Petal, Hot Pepper with Apricot, Three Teas Dark, Lavender, and Pistachio Paste. They were so exquisite, and so beautiful, that I don’t know if I can bring myself to open the box. For now, I’m just going to go eat my chicken (and rice, and salad) and enjoy the fruits of a ten minute walk through SiFi.

7 thoughts on “Dinner & Dessert In SiFi”

  1. The food looks interesting, the SIFI won’t take hold as it sounds too much like SciFi which won’t work unless you are all 3 eyed aliens ala the simpsons.

  2. You can catch the chocolate guy at the South Pasadena Farmer’s Market every Thursday! He’s super nice.

  3. SIFI won’t take hold as it sounds too much like SciFi

    Isn’t that the whole point?

    Interesting to hear about L’ Artisan du Chocolat. We drive past it all the time and always wanted to stop in. Next up, I hope you’ll figure out what’s going on nearby at the mysterious Bomulsom.

  4. 1. The area is part of the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council boundaries.

    2. In 1896, you would have lived on the extreme western boundary of Los Angeles at the time (Hoover St)- therefore you would have been a certified “Westsider.”

    3. You are just outside of Historic Filipinotown but not Silver_Lake, which is on the other side of the 101 freeway.

    4. “Rampart” and/or “Westlake” would do. Some have even used “Commonwealth.”

  5. Hey Militant, seriously thanks for the history I’ll file it back in the back of my head as that kind of stuff always facinates. Cool to see where we’ve been as much as watch where we are going.

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