SGV Recapped Silly and not so Silly

5%205%2007006.jpg It’s been a busy week here in the SGV. The commenters on the various local blogs have been more vocal and louder than usual on the topics of gangs and cultural preservation. Then they went totally off the track and into the silly. I’ll blame it all on the approaching full moon. (Pic is mine taken with the trusty Che-ez snap at the West Covina ball field, click to embiggen…but the quality doesn’t get better).

Monrovia Invaded by Aliens and Does Anyone Live Here should be known as threads gone wildly off track. Entertaining and educational about the goings on here on one of my favorite blogs, the FCBlog, pretty much dedicated to lampooning and deflating local politics.

– Death of a Pasadena teen sparked a flurry of activity on two different blogs. Of course my favorite rabid commenter “local boy” chimed in and kept the comments rolling on a full boil on The Reaction to Ebony at the FCBlog and posted on Youth Violence Pasadena’s Political Underbelly. Even the Crime Scene blog has multiple posts on the topic. In all that I learned about “black flight” or the black gangs fleeing NW Pasadena with the advancement of “Mexican gangs” and seeking refuge in the Valley. Of course here in Outer Monrovia we don’t have a gang problem. Actually we do, but the news is suppressed so as not to give the Duarte and Pasadena gangs’ publicity during their fights to reign supreme over our virgin turf. Also makes it possible for us to blissfully exist in our quiet little bubble.

– Pomona which is far, far, FAR East LA got recognition at Burritophile for the offerings at Juanita’s Drive-in. I’ve been there before and would disagree with the review, putting them above average at best.

– Writers weighed in as well on the various cultural symbols and icons dying and need for open space at Ms Havisham’s Tea Party , Pasadena’s Political Underbelly , and at Living in Monrovia .

Eye Level Pasadena is planning a bloggers picnic. One comment suggests that local politicians should be and are being invited. Horror of it all, meeting the person you lampoon or hold accountable as an elected official. Could be entertaining to be a sideliner to watch those conversations unfold.