Parkour, Forrest, Parkour!

You saw Casino Royale, right? You settled in, thinking, “This movie could be different with this blonde Bond guy, but we’ll see…” and moments later you were blown away by the first big action scene where Bond chases a guy on foot through a construction site. It was the coolest thing you’ve seen (especially in a Bond film) in ages. Here, watch it again:

Oooh, Daniel Craig is so hot! Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah..

There were stunt doubles and visual effects in the sequence, of course, but much of the action is a thing called Parkour. Parkour was invented in Paris suburbs and is mostly about getting around obstacles. In other martial arts type training, you learn the most efficient ways of “fight.” In Parkour, you learn the most efficient ways of “flight.” (There is a bad joke in there about the French and surrender, but I’m not going to make it. I love the French!)

Since seeing the movie, you’ve been secretly trying to run up the wall of your house, over the roof and down the other side. I’ve seen you. You should really get some professional training. And if you live in LA (or in the wider SoCal area), now you can take classes.

The best part about Parkour is that they are against competition. I know it goes against all things we hold dear as Americans, but get over it. (Click this for bigger):

Run and jump with me for more…

PK Cali is your source for all things Parkour in the our fine city (and state). Click here for all upcoming Parkour sessions in California with plenty of LA locations to choose from.

The training sessions start off in an indoor, padded space (whew!):

You can handle that, right? Good, because after that, you move on to the real world.



Click all photos for bigger.

I think if nothing else, this kind of training would build incredible confidence in yourself. I know a few people who might really like to try this (Albrecht!). Be safe.

All photos from the PK Cali site. Original tip from Thrillist.

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  1. Sweet! Their “no competition” ethic kind of reminds me of Capoeira, where the true goal of the meetups is to “play”, which is what they call it as opposed to “fight” or “match”

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