Noose News from Pasadena

paslynching.jpgApparently the Pasadena/Altadena Black Coalition doesn’t think highly of Mayor Bill Bogaard. A recent flyer rallying people to come to a “Town Meeting” begins by reading “Racism is alive in Pasadena”, and that Bogaard is part of the “Good Ole Boy’s Network.” More egregiously, the image on the flyer is of a lynching in front of the Pasadena City Hall.

I’m not privvy to the politics in Pas’, let alone the issues that led to this flyer, so I’ll defer to Todd Ruiz’ Under the Dome blog:

Images of lynchings are among the most chilling and evocative reminders of the depths of our own society’s capacity for barbarism. They can be used to great, sobering effect.

But when such important iconography is exploited, it cheapens and insults the gravitas of history’s deep injustice.

Thanks to Aaron Proctor for calling this out – and more importantly for proving that if they Pasadena/Altadena Black Coalition really wanted shock value, they should have asked Proctor for help.

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