Flaming Lips and BMRC Free in San Diego

Flaming LipsI’m always a little surprised that so many Angelenos don’t spend more time in San Diego. Most of the people I know go that far south only to prowl the overcrowded floor of Comic-Con or when they’ve got 12-year-old visitors from out of town that want to go to Seaworld. Not that I’m any better. Anytime I’m looking to get out of town for a brief stint, I end up heading north or east. But I’m trying to change that, starting with this weekend’s Southern Comfort Music Experience, presented by San Diego’s FM 94/9 and featuring The Flaming Lips, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, DJ Z-Trip and Galactic for free. That’s right: F-R-E-E. You don’t even need a ticket. Just show up to Ace Parking Lots D1/D2 near Petco Park and be willing to be subjected to a probable landslide of Southern Comfort advertising. Oh yeah, be 21 years old, as well. Gas for the round trip might cost you more than last weekend’s Sunset Junction cover, but looks like the weather will be better.

Update: Looking for an alternative to driving yourself down the 405 to get to the show? Check out MetroRiderLA’s coverage of the newly launched Megabus: a low-cost, daily, express bus service that’ll get you from LA to that concert in SD and back for about $25.

2 thoughts on “Flaming Lips and BMRC Free in San Diego”

  1. Hi, Spencer Cross! I’m Barclay, and you are my Blogging Guardian Angel according to my blogging goddess Alissa Walker. I’m really liking your stuff so far! And I love both Flaming Lips and BRMC, and I have never wished I lived in San Diego more than now!!!
    I hope to hear from you soon about my ATLicious bloggage. In the meantime I will read on…
    (p.s. — double-check the acronym in the title! :)

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