Sweatin’ Bullets: Bun in the Oven

Photo by Jill at Eye Level Pasadena, (cc) some rights reserved.

Thunderbolt Fan reveals a microcinema off Sunset at the Echo Park Film Center, which also is home to affordable (and sometimes free) film production classes.

Taco discovers a “the world’s most expensive taco”, a “$38.50 filet mignon taco entree” at The Brentwood in Brentwood.

Green L.A. Girl hosts a segment for KNBC 4’s Your LA – watch it online here.

Atwater Village Newbie discovers the Flight of the Conchords duo hanging out in Silver Lake. Maybe they’ll get Turtle from Entourage to manage them…

Zach Behrens at LAist points out one of the worst bad driving habits: stopping in the middle of a crosswalk (I’m guilty of this many times over).

Life in L.A.’s Claire Smith says goodbye and looks forward to Life in Chicago… Jill Leovy’s Homicide Report takes a holiday til Sept. 1st… Aaron Proctor coins a term for the Pasadena blog network: Blogadena.