Monday Morning Metal

I am a total sucker for 80s hair metal, so when a friend of mine sent me this link I was in heaven — it’s like Spinal Tap, only moreso! And when I noticed that they’re local, well, I just had to share.

There is absolutely nothing about this link that is safe for work: Metal Skool @ MySpace. I’m thinking field trip to one of their shows. Who’s in?

7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Metal”

  1. If memory serves, I saw a flyer for these guys last Spring in the Key Club on the Sunset Strip, and it brought back a flood of memories, when women were women and men were … women.

    Strangely enough, it brought with it an overwhelming aroma of hairspray.

  2. My good friends at Kiss or Kill book the first 3 bands once a month at Metal Skool and if you go to the KorK site there is way to rsvp for free (strict 10pm cutoff and it has been crazy summer busy – get there early). Better than paying $20 and up. Parking is $5 across the street.

    Sept 3 is the next one.

    [oops. yes I’m retarded]

  3. I went to Metal Skool around this time last year. Excellent show, amazingly impressive vocals and stunts. But I left the show feeling more than a little nauseated – part of the between-song shenanigans comprises getting a bunch of really drunk girls up on stage to strip and/or make out with each other, for the explicit pleasure of the screaming (mostly hetero male) audience. Just a warning to anyone who is put off by the type of exploitation that can make you feel like nothing more than a pair of titties in heels :)

  4. I saw these guys a few years ago. Highly recommended. It’s nice to see L.A. rock bands being INTENTIONALLY funny for a change.

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