The Subway from Hell

Actor/blogger “Fade In” posted a 60 Minutes segment called “Earthquakes, Riots… and Now the Subway” which gives a bit of retrospective on the turmoil caused while building the Red Line.

This segment, that originally aired December 17th, 1995, has some great footage of a sinkhole swallowing up a portion of Hollywood Blvd., which was apparently was more common than anyone would have liked.

Retired City Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg is a featured critic of the city engineers, and a number of Hollywood residents and business owners make appearances – some had reportedly sued the city for billions of dollars to make up for damage property and lost business due to the impact of the construction that turned tourist dollars away.

As Fade In comments, this video history is “Amusing. For all the wrong reasons.”

Below is the first half of the video – for the second part click on over to Fade In.