Car Vs. Train


Over on Flickr The Mitzikin Revolution has posted several camera phone shots of what looks like a blueline train hitting a car. There’s no details, just the pics. Anyone have the scoop?

UPDATE: My mistake, seems like these are old pics that were just recently uploaded, not something new. nvrmndkthxbai

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  1. Sean,

    In looking at the photo you posted as well as others in the Flickr account, I found a date of June 9, 2006 encoded on the photos. I also noted the identification marker for Fire Station 10 on the aerial of the LAFD Ladder Truck pictured.

    I searched the archives for Friday June 9, 2006 (a day with more than 2,000 Fire Department emergency responses) and could find none for Truck 10 to a ‘Blue Line’ incident or any seemingly related ‘Traffic Collision’ that day.

    Fire Station 10 does indeed serve the South Park/Convention Center area in which the Metro Blue Line runs, and I did limit my search to daylight hours based upon the photo(s).

    If someone can offer a firm date or other information, I may be able to research further. Otherwise, Metro Media Relations (213-922-2700) or the LASD Headquarters Bureau (323-526-5541), whose Deputies are portrayed in the photo(s) – and are the contract provider of Metro security, may be able to offer assistance.

    Sorry that I can’t offer more.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

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