Sweatin’ Bullets: At the end of the rainbow… a firetruck

Picture%2017.png“High-speed automobile accident at Los Feliz and Edgemont in Los Angeles shears fire hydrant sending water a hundred feet into the air.” by Michael R Perry (full set of pics here), (cc) some rights reserved.

MetroRider Fred Camino notices new Pepsi machines inside of several subway stations… although you can fined if you enjoy the beverage on one of the trains.

Fightin’ Mad Mary discovers a Studio City property that has been using surveillance cams to catch dog owners who aren’t cleaning up after their pets, and then posting stills of miscreants on neighborhood light poles.

The Militant Angeleno congratulates himself on blogging for a (drum roll please) two whole months. I’d give him a hard time about it, but really, his stuff is always original and quality – a must add to any Los Angeles blog roll. So, damnit, congratulations Militant!

A-List screenwriter John August turns his blog over to Adam Davis, an aspiring filmmaker who describes his first year in Los Angeles struggling to find work and follow his dream.

Daniel Hernandez says El Chavo! is “L.A.’s premiere Chicano blogger” (h/t Ed Fuentes).

“The Downtown Blogger Ice Cream Anti-Social” is being held this Sunday at 3pm near the Tofu Festival happenings. Loosely organized by the folks from BlogDowntown and 5th & Spring, they invite readers and fellow bloggers to swing on by. (map of location)

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  1. Thank you David. But really, it just seems like more than two months. Perhaps the Militant will celebrate his 1-year anniversary next June with a huge fireworks display or something, who knows…BTW The Militant very much enjoys the consistent quality and variety of Metroblogging Los Angeles as well; it’s his favorite (non-militant) blog.

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