Virtual Tour of Boyle Heights


I finally got around to checking out this link that was the subject of a NY Times article (mentioned over at view from a loft) and I’d highly suggest anyone with a bit of computer time do the same. Ed and the NYT focus on the artistic merits (there’s some talk of cyber murals) but the website has elements that should make it enjoyable for the layperson just taking a stroll down some internet side street. With pictures, video, and audio, the flash based site does an excellent job of capturing the feel of walking thru the Eastside neighborhood of Boyle Heights.

It’s pretty fucking amazing, go check it out already!

3 thoughts on “Virtual Tour of Boyle Heights”

  1. Hey Teck, Did you grow up in Boyle Heights? I’ve noticed the accent is changing there. It used to be more sing song almost like a Norteno or Tejas accent. Now, it’s…different.

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