It’s Almost Time for the Mopiest Place on Earth!

Good morning, Los Angeles! I’ve been on hiatus the last few months due to a work overload. Many times I even went so far as to mutter to colleagues about how I wish I’d moved to another, quieter, less competitive city three years ago. But now that things are back to somewhat normal, I’m glad to be here again. I feel like Los Angeles, like any big city, requires a lot of dedication and competition in the workplace. It may not be as extreme as New York City, but I don’t know if I would be pushing myself so hard at work if I had gone to an agency in, say, Portland instead L.A. But now I’ve got most of my life back, and can unglue myself away from my Outlook enough to go outside, look around, and blog.

disigoths.jpgBut that is not why I’m writing this morning. I’m writing because it’s almost BATS DAY! this coming Sunday, 8/19 (on my birthday!) at Disneyland! I posted about this a year ago, when I went for the first time . This is, simply put, goth day at Disneyland, when as many as two thousand black-clad individuals show up to enjoy the park. I think it’s so popular because Disneyland has a sense of fantasy and dress-up that appeals to goths – we like costumes, and we like fairy tales, especially the sort by Neil Gaiman. It’s also a great event for goth families, and I think there’s even a family/kids meetup this year for photo ops. It’s especially amusing to watch people from outside subculturelands (especially visitors from flyoverstatelands) do double-takes at the fully dressed up goths…and then get used to the small flocks throughout the day.

There’s no registration or signup for Bats Day itself, so if you’re going, just visit the official website for meetup times & details, and then show up in black on Sunday. There are a few events surrounding the Big Day, but I’ve posted those after the jump.

For more details on, here are some relevant links:

Specific event info, including Friday’s “Ghoulish Gala” and Saturday’s “Nightmare before Bats Day”. I went to both of these last year because I really liked the band lineup. This year, I’m skipping them…partly because I didn’t like the bands as much, partly because we have a houseful of visiting friends from far-away places, all bound for the park with us Sunday, that I am showing around the city.

Sunday Morning Vampire Breakfast. For the OC goths, this is a place to meet up before heading into the park.