Bus transporting prisoners has collision in downtown L.A.

Details are sketchy and culled from the LAFD’s message board feed (also available thru Twitter), but apparently there was an accident this morning between a Sheriff’s transport bus and a civilian vehicle.

On board the bus were 37 prisoners who didn’t use the opportunity for escape (don’t they watch movies?), and were instead transfered to the Bauchet Street Jail.

Only minor complaints and injuries were noted, and a sheriff’s deputy and a civilian from the other vehicle were taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

Updated: a commenter named “Great Research Dude” pointed out ABC 7’s coverage of this morning’s event.

4 thoughts on “Bus transporting prisoners has collision in downtown L.A.”

  1. it was on good day la this morning.
    they had live video of it, seemed to be a car crash with one other viehcle, that person was taken off by stretcher.

    though it could have been the filming of a movie.

  2. David,

    We appreciate your sharing what may be one of LA’s best kept secrets (mentioned in an earlier thread that some might have missed).

    People often wonder how television news copters end up over the action in such a timely fashion, and *always* have an idea of what’s going on.

    The secret? For many years, we’ve been sending them text messages via pager.

    Now through the magic of the intertubes, b/la readers can get notified on their device of choice at the same time the TV and news radio stations are notified:


    The service itself is free of charge, though text messaging charges from your mobile carrier may apply.

    So go ahead and subscribe to LAFD_ALERT… and then you’ll miraculouslyu know when to turn on the TV or radio to see or hear about your Neighborhood Firefighters in action.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

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