Landing in the LA Jail System

A friend of mine, who admittedly doesn’t deal with details well, got arrested two days ago for an old outstanding bench warrant. He was at Magic Mountain and got into some sort of argument about parking, the local cops got called and when they ran a check on him, his bench warrant turned up, so he got thrown in jail!

Mayhem ensued as his friends, me being one of them, rallied to help him out. Since I’m a novice at getting someone out of jail, but pretty good at digging up information, I was the point person on finding out the details. I must say, that both the Santa Clarita sheriffs department and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department were amazingly helpful at giving us information to help him out.

One cool thing they turned me on to was this website o get inmate information. You put in the particulars and it lets you know where the person is in the system and what the hearing status, etc is. So if you ever have to find out what’s going on if soneone lands in jail, it’s pretty nifty. He’s out now…fully humbled… embarking on community work.