Hollywood Blackout?

Getting a few scattered reports of several blocks in Hollywood with no power for a few hours running now. Anyone have any more details on this?

2 thoughts on “Hollywood Blackout?”

  1. My sister lives at Hollywood and Curson and her power went out around 10:00 p.m. Apparently the church at Hollywood and La Brea had a gas explosion and caused an outage. The weird thing is, I live two blocks west on Hollywood, and my power never went out.

  2. The power transformer exploded here under the intersection at Hollywood and Gardner at 10PM. It made a nice boom followed by a creepy high-voltage arcing buzz. My neighbor, who was outside when it blew, said flames blasted the manhole cover up a few feet. When I went out later the manhole cover was still askew and the fire department was routing traffic around it. About an hour later the DWP arrived and the power was on by midnight.

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