Call to PETA fur is flying in outer Monrovia

flagomonrovia.jpg Actually PETA could probably care less about the fur flying here in the hinterlands of the LA Metro area. The small town politics that can be found in all the communities out here in the SGV that don’t fall under Downtown LA proper’s thumb are entertaining. Sometimes downright funny, others I wonder how far over the line the name calling will go before there is actual bloodshed.

Why should you on the west side care? Probably for no reason at all except all of these little towns banding together to push through the Gold Line extension will eventually take away your transit funding or bring more people to play in your back yard.

Anyway I started following the Foothill Communities Blog a while back. Those guys sure now how to dig and get the word out to the general public and stir the pot. As a result changes to take place in the local government. Their take on the Monrovia Political atmosphere can be seen here.

Through the FC Blog I found a link to Living in Monrovia which is a nicely done, totally inoffensive, if not myoptic-rose-colored-glasses view of the community. Today FC Blog broke news with a new site Monrovia vs Mayberry RFD which has sparked one of the most acrid displays of comments I have ever seen. The link to it directly is Monrovia vs Mayberry RFD. The new site seems to be pretty straight forward raising some issues. Whether it get’s any attention beyond the FC Blog remains to be seen.

2 thoughts on “Call to PETA fur is flying in outer Monrovia”

  1. I was wondering the same thing–I was already lost with the grammatical ambiguity of the first sentence (PETA couldn’t care less? Or they were mildly concerned?), and then it was downhill from there: mixed metaphors (dig and get the word out and stir the pot–WTF?), sentence fragments (“As a result changes to take place…”), misspellings (“myoptic”?), and vague references (“pretty straight forward raising some issues”–ah yes, some issues). No offense, dude, but are you on drugs? Proofread, my good man, proofread!

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