What’s the commotion at Crenshaw?

Word on the street has it that Crenshaw High School is gearing up for a press conference tomorrow morning. This conference is sponsored by their parent group (the Crenshaw Cougar Coalition). Apparently, A.J. Duffy, the United Teachers Los Angeles president, will also be in attendance.

It’s no secret that the school has been developing a reform plan–the faculty and parents have been doing so for several years. The school has been in the news for two main reasons: it was in danger of losing accreditation, and the mayor has expressed interest in the school as one of his take-over partnership sites. Now, they’re actively seeking out press coverage. At the moment, wild speculation regarding the content of the press conference centers around a few facts. This year, Crenshaw gained single-year accreditation. Accreditation could have been awarded for up to three years, but apparently, the school still has a way to go before their accreditation woes are behind them. Could they have developed a plan to rectify the situation? Since the UTLA president will be there, I doubt the school is moving to a Locke-like declaration of district independence. Green-dot schools are not unionized through UTLA, so Duffy’s presence precludes this option. Will the mayor and his team be there? Will Steve Barr and his Greens make an appearance anyway? Lastly, Crenshaw was awarded a lot of $money$ from the Quality Education Investment Act. How will the multi-million dollar windfall come into play?

I’ll post more as this story develops. I’ll be in attendance tomorrow. Keep your eye on the news. If you live in the area, I suggest you attend: it might be big.

Crenshaw High School
5010 11th Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90043