Felt Club at the LA County Fair

feltclub-lafair.pngRemember when I said that I thought the XL Felt Club was not good for the community? Felt Club founder Jenny responded that there were smaller events in the works, and this weekend I received an email outlining one of those events: ongoing craft classes/demos at the County Fair. This sounds like a huge step in the right direction, and while I’d still like to see a more frequent opportunities for vendors, I am really glad to see Felt Club encouraging people to make things. I know there were similar events at Whole Foods, but I think the fair is likely to offer better space and time for classes. Hooray, Felt Club!

A full schedule will be posted soon at the Felt Club Blog and the LA County Fair website. In the meantime, here is a teaser of the classes that will be offered:

Learn to make mini-books with Tyler Bender Book Co, sew up a cute headband with Queen Puff Puff, create colorful charm jewelry with Charcoal Designs, whip up a retro pincushion with Cathy of California, make needle-felted animals with SewDarnCute, create fun sock creatures with Jek in the Box, or learn amigurumi with Mr. Funky.

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  1. Let me know when you make sun-bonnets out of chlorox bottles like my grandmother made…

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