Where in L.A.?


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USC Physics Professor/blogger Clifford of Asymptotia posted about his late night break-in of Runyon Canyon Park to check out the Perseid Meteor Showers last night:

The gates are locked at sunset, but….. well, anyway, there are ways in…

…As soon as I wandered into the park I saw one meteor, and as I walked up (one ridge of the canyon shielding my eyes perfectly from the city’s glow) I could see others as my eyes got better acclimatized. Eventually, I got to what is the best spot for viewing the city (not the sky) – it is the second level of the more well known look-out points, in case you’re interested. I found that the bench that’s there (yes, it is really huge, and quite splendid actually) although facing the wrong way for viewing the Perseids (looking South and into the glare of the city lights), is perfectly aligned for viewing them if you lie down on it facing up and East. So I did.

He has more tips on how to best view the meteor shower, which should still be visible tonite, at his blog, along with some great nighttime pics from the park (ncluding the one above).

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  1. Before the jump, I knew it was the Runyan Canyon chair — give us a hard one next time 8-)

  2. this is an event i look forward to EVERY year.
    It’s almost always problematic. (Full moon? Closest SAFE dark spot? Buddy for safety…)
    This year; I splurged – ‘cos of the new moon coinsiding w/the peak, etc. – and spent Sun nite/Mon in Borrego Springs, in the Anza-Borrego desert.

    absolutely the best!

    In our time zone, to the best of my gathered data, the peak was anticipated between 10p and 11p on the 12th.
    I was not disappointed.
    Immediately after setting up my cheapo banana chaise lounge, I saw a vibrant, ‘cat scratch’ parallel set of four. Even before my eyes had adjusted.
    Watched from just after 11p to sunrise. Partly in the desert brush, then floating in the pool of the fabu place i splurged on – (w/french red wine and proper stemware i’d brought) – after the ambient pool lights had gone out. – supremely full of wonderment.
    I didn’t count them all, but those that I did count and made numerous wishes upon, on behalf of MANY friends, family, world’s hopes and worthy causes, etc…. that number exceeded 291!!!
    I met really cool, really real folks, got to practise my french a bit – (ahem; that would be the spoken language). – heard many coyotes hunting, etc. – but was spared any too-close encounters and scorpion attacks.
    ‘Twas truly beautiful and a welcome change from the concrete jungle.
    (however; it was a hundred and heck degrees, daytime) –
    package deal, yes?
    trying to hang on to that magical merger.

    …’when you wish upon a star’…

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