Food and … Azucar!


Since my work schedule can be INSANE, I rely on my mother to direct me to the best restaurants our town has to offer. She and her friends (empty nesters like her) spend their weekdays getting together for lunch. They look for great affordable food. So, when my mom told me about “this little Cuban caf√©” I knew she had stumbled upon a treasure.

The Tropicana Bakery and Cuban Caf√© in Downey has excellent, traditional Cuban cuisine. The service was quick, even though they were gearing up for the lunch rush. They were out of some food items, which I think speaks more to their popularity than to their availability. Their best selection, however, is the pastries. They have the traditional flan-like custards, fruit tartelettes, and cheesecakes. This place is a bakery first, caf√© second. My mother tells me they have been in Downey “forever” but had closed a couple of years ago due to a fire. When they reopened, they added a seating section to accommodate the caf√© tables. There was a pair of conga drums and some comfy stuffed chairs in the corner, leaving me to assume this place would be awesome in the late afternoon. I’d suggest the guanabana liquado and the ropa vieja. Delicious!


Tropicana Bakery and Cuban Café
10218 Paramount Blvd.
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 928-9850

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  1. You can also get the latest edition of Spanish language anti-Castro newspapers here, and there’s a nice collection of celebrity pictures on the wall. I like the platanos and black beans, but it’s slim pickin’s for vegetarians, though the Sam Adams on tap helps to ignore that little problem! ;)

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