Not available in China

I’ve been playing around with The Great Firewall of China, which basically tests to see if certain sites are blocked (censored) in China. They admit that this isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t be surprised if really is blocked in China. I mean, we *are* quite the rabble rousers, aren’t we?

Screen shot of the test screen below:

5 thoughts on “Not available in China”

  1. I played around with this for a minute or two and I wasn’t able to come up with a site that WASN’T blocked.

  2. Very interesting. I plugged in my personal sites and all were blocked. Since I got all G ratings I wonder what exactly is the filter criteria. Also there were problems loading the site. Is it because we’re all overloading it with a test?

    Curious to see what if any affect they will have in reducing censorship anywhere let alone China. The question to ponder is with everyone looking at something on the net being logged and reviewed somewhere along the line, what sort of privacy does anyone have anywhere?

    Thanks for sharing. It is a thought provoker, as if we don’t have enough to keep us awake at night already.

  3. Awww, Candy Blog is blocked! It must be all those things I’ve been saying about the FDA … oh and White Rabbit possibly contaminated with formalin.

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