King-Harbor to lose all federal funding

We may as well say “bye” to King-Harbor now… the Medicare agency delivered its final verdict to King-Harbor today: It still does not meet minimum patient-care standards and will lose all federal funding.

Yikes! Now what?

Patients, area clinics wonder how they’ll cope if King hospital closes

Los Angeles County has a plan for closing King-Harbor: An urgent care center and clinics for diabetes, high blood pressure and other outpatient care would remain open. Ambulances would be directed to emergency rooms at other hospitals. The county would staff more beds at its other hospitals and pay to add beds at some private ones.

Nevertheless, the 73 other public and private hospitals in the county’s already stressed emergency network are bracing for greater backlogs and longer waits. The seven nonprofit community health clinics near King-Harbor, some already at capacity, fear an onslaught of new patients. And healthcare advocates predict that people who already delay getting help because they don’t have insurance or a regular physician will go without treatment altogether, with fatal consequences.[full story]

5 thoughts on “King-Harbor to lose all federal funding”

  1. Holy shit. Not that I am surprised it finally happened, more shocked that despite all the problems and notice over the last few years no one with the control to fix it did so.

  2. When a hospital becomes more of a risk to patient care than a provider of patient care it should be closed down. Whoever managed that hospital did not invest in people, training, processes and procedures to ensure good patient care. Shame on them. Working in the healthcare industry I can say with confidence that CMS (the Feds) never refuse funding for a hospital for minor infractions of patient safety. It’s only after repeated, serious, un-fixed problems over many months that federal funding is withdrawn.

  3. The county Board of Supervisors botched the management of that hospital EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY.

    King-Drew has been a dangerously careless hospital since at least the mid-90s and they completely failed to do anything effective about it.

    They acted too slowly to remove bad administrators. They failed to replace the county health director with someone who could effectively manage that snake’s nest. And ultimately they brought in a $13.25-million consultant that turned out to be completely incapable of doing anything to change King-Drew’s sloppy, tortious, “oh, it’s only a patient” culture that led to so much death and suffering.

    You can lay this mess – and all the death and suffering south L.A. will likely suffer in the future because the nearest hospital (Harbor-UCLA) is now several miles farther away – squarely at the Supes’ feet.

    Committees, studies and consultants don’t save lives from people who wouldn’t understand the Hippocratic Oath if you bludgeoned them about the head and shoulders with it. Leadership does.

    Fuckin’ do-nothing idiots.

  4. This has got to be one of the worst things to happen in LA, it’s just straight out wrong all around. Maybe they can now fund a communal pit in which to pile the bodies.

  5. Someone on the radio was wondering what would happen to the employees at King Drew…frankly I hope none of them every gets a job in health care ever again…anyone who would allow a woman to die on the floor of the ER (including the jantor that mopped AROUND her) shouldn’t be allowed to even work in any job where they have any sort of contact with people…I’m sure there’s a sewage plant somewhere that needs people to hand sort the garbage.

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