Dietrich, we hardly knew ye

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Aawwww, nuts. I was hoping he really was just a legend – a high-speed D.B. Cooper, gone like a phantom leaving nothing but a $1-million wreck in his wake.

But nope, L.A. County Sheriff’s detectives say they finally collared “Dietrich” – the mysterious fugitive from the now-legendary high-speed crash of that stinkin’-rare Ferrari Enzo in 2006, the L.A. Times’ Bob Pool reports.

Turns out (so they say) that one Trevor Michael Karney – who originally told cops he saw a man running from the scene – is actually the man who ran from the scene and left Enzo owner, failed Gizmondo tycoon and alleged schlub at the wheel Stefan Eriksson holding the bag.

Looks like another verse needs to be added to the Ballad of Dietrich and the Smashed Enzo commemorating the following:

After the crash split the bright red sports car in half, Karney allegedly borrowed a passerby’s cellphone and sat in the front seat of that motorist’s car while he made a call. Later, the motorist told authorities he had found a loaded bullet clip for an automatic pistol under the seat.

Karney, who had told deputies at the scene that he lived on a yacht in Marina del Rey, disappeared after the crash. Investigators found that the luxury boat belonged to Carl Freer, a Swede who was a partner of Eriksson in a defunct video game company called Gizmundo.

Sheriff’s officials said Karney was arrested Wednesday at a Marina del Rey apartment complex.

Karney is scheduled to appear Monday in a Malibu courtroom on the resisting-arrest and false-information-to-an officer charges. He was being held on $60,000 bail.

Any songsmiths out there? Here, let me pour you a beer …

2 thoughts on “Dietrich, we hardly knew ye”

  1. That whole stolen-enzo-crash-swedish-mafia soap opera was one of the best in recent memory. To find out the mysterious “Dietrich” existed is even better. Regular folks fuck up, but the wealthy do it with style.

  2. I’d been following the Gizmondo story before the crash, so when the drama began to unfold over here I was seriously interested. I never care for celebrity fuckups(i.e. non stop coverage of so and so car wreck or OD or public nudity) but I couldn’t get enough of this one and I doubt it’s over. It’s too weird a tale to end so quietly…

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