Random Valley Front Yard of the Day

I’ve really come to appreciate the ways in which people customize their front yards here in the Valley.

In an endless landscape of repetitive subdivisions & housing developments, where all the homes are a variant on one of, say, five patterns, grabbing onto your little postage stamp of the California Dream puts you into a box identical to that of your neighbor, undifferentiated, repetitive, boring as hell.duck%21.JPG

So people modify their yards and the facades of their homes to better reflect who they are.

Sometimes it’s conscious–painting their house canary yellow and filling the lawn with roses and jasmine; other times it’s just a byproduct of their lifestyle & personality, as a neglected front yard accumulates boxes, old boats, cars on blocks. I see crech√©s and Greek statues, and cactus gardens, and rows of hollyhock…and over the years, homes that couldn’t be told apart are now worlds different from one another.

I think it’s cool.

This house has ducks and geese. They are awesome.

I have no illusions about being able to do this daily, and it’s harder than you might think to find a time of the day when the streets in front of homes aren’t parked up with cars, obscuring a clear shot of the yards; but I’m going to try to do a couple a week.

4 thoughts on “Random Valley Front Yard of the Day”

  1. I have a mooning gnome aimed at my obnoxious neighbor tucked discretely in the iris.

  2. That’s straight up Midwest style. My mom has very similar ducks and geese in her yard in Iowa. Even better, she moves them a little bit every day so it looks like they’re working their way around the house. I’ll be interested to see what else Valley yards have to offer.

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