Sweatin’ Bullets: Hole in the Smog

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/08/holeinthewall-thumb.jpgPhoto by Wha’ppen taken at Lake Hollywood, (cc) some rights reserved.

Trash talkin’: Fightin’ Mad Mary discovers how some Toluca Lake homeowners keep their trash out of sight, while Andrew of Here In Van Nuys rants about neighbors who leave use leave their car trash curbside.

The Daily News transit blog “Along for the Ride” finds that the average monthly parking rate in L.A. ($192) is lower than many cities including Manhattan ($630), Boston ($460), and San Fran ($350).

An LAist contributor discovered the reason she couldn’t recline her seat on a flight from LAX was due to a “knee defender” clamp the guy sitting behind employed.

Daycare dramas: L.A. Daddy’s daily routine is upset after being forced to find a new daycare center after his daughter’s original daycare was “closed down by an unscrupulous corporation”, while LA’s Top Banana finally qualified for childcare assistance to cover the $221/week bill.

Boi from Troy doesn’t share in westside Republicans’ newfound enthusiasm for a monorail to the sea.

Here at Metroblogging L.A., we’re proud to point out some of our contributor’s offsite accomplishments: Lucinda Michelle Knapp wrote a cover story on bowling for last week’s Pasadena Weekly, and Dave Bullock, aka eecue, joined Wired’s Threat Level blog as their photographer for the Defcon hacker convention in Vegas.