That was fast

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Seems like just a couple of weeks after someone got killed at this intersection, behold our brand new traffic light just outside the Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake.

I know that it’s probably been in the works for months (if not longer) but in a city where it takes years to get a pothole filled, I kind of have to wonder if this thing was rushed through or if I just was unaware that it was in the works.

Either way I’m happy the intersection will be safer (and I can make a left turn out of the Gelson’s lot).

3 thoughts on “That was fast”

  1. D’oh!

    Sorry about that – can you tell I’ve been distracted and out of the loop for more than a week now?

  2. It’s been in the works for YEARS … long before recent death. (Which is sad because I believe it was already approved.)

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