Random Road Ramblings (With Images)

I met two friends at Susina Bakery & Cafe today for coffee (Susina is worthy of its own post, but that will come later…) and saw a few things while on the road getting there and back that were LA cool. Here is a tease:

(Click for bigger, you know you want to.)

See more pictures of this beauty and other road images after the break.

Click Click Click for Big Big Big.

The 1959 Austin Healey 100 “6”. MMMmmmm, she’s like buttah.


On the way to Susina, I was driving down La Brea and between Washington and Pico, the road looks like this now (finally!):

Last — on the way back home, 10 West, in the fast lane — this little family:
You must click for maximum cuteness.

4 thoughts on “Random Road Ramblings (With Images)”

  1. Love the Austin… but she’s no Buttercup, right?

    p.s. re: the freeway tigers, I think one of those tried to eat Roy!

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