Lube, Blow and Go…life on the fly is easy sometimes

8%206%2007001.jpg Aw c’mon get your mind out of the gutter. This is an oil change story.

Today was one of those days I just didn’t have the energy nor ambition to bother with pulling all the crap out to change the oil on my wifes car. So I opted to try out the OilStop at 746 E. Huntington Drive in Monrovia.

Pleasant surprise. Manager Deshon was on duty had a crew up at ready to guide me into the stall before I even finished turning into their lot. Bingo on arrival I’m offered the liquid refreshement of my choice…cold bottled water, soda (pop to those of you from the upper midwest and plains states) coffee or tea. After a quick review of the work needed one of the guys steps back and adjusts this bendable white pipe thing and aimed at the open drivers window. It was nice, and cool as in totally air-conditioned fresh air blowing into the car. (That’s the blow part…nice cool fresh air while the car is worked on).

The change was done with military precision with 3 guys working the car announcing, more like drill sargeant barking, where things are being put. Oil pan plug right fender. Yes sir! Oil dipstick being shown customer. Yes sir!Transmission dipstick being shown customer. Yes sir! Explaining oil options to customer. Yes sir! All the while another guy was making check marks on a legal pad sized sheet of paper.

They did try tossing out some add ons which if you didn’t know better may have taken. But even then it was just offered up and not a pressure sell so not a bother.

Very well organized and about as pampered as one could hope for during an oil change. Being in and out in 15 minutes was the real treat.

The downside to this service is a reminder why I do oil changes myself. I’m a tightwad at heart and I actually enjoy doing oil changes, at least on cool mornings. The final bill for the oil change, topping off fluids, 30 point inspection, air filter replacement and cabin air filter replacement came to a short hair less than $90. Not much better than the dealer would have done but those buggers would have had the car several hours and you’d have to hassle with Ivan the Terrible and his trying to sell you all sorts of crap you don’t need.

I’d probably go back when I’m rushed. Otherwise chances are you’ll see me out in my drive with the car on ramps doing my best shade tree mechanic routine.


3 thoughts on “Lube, Blow and Go…life on the fly is easy sometimes”

  1. Depending on the car you have, I would say that’s a lot less than a dealer. A BMW cabin filter change by the dealer is $70+ (something you can do yourself for $20).

  2. Just a regular domestic car, 4 doors under 3500 lbs and 6 cyl. The oil change was the cheap part, the cabin air filter and regular air filter is what jumped the price but needed to be done. Still cheaper than the dealer.

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