Squawking about my neighbors.

“Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!”

“Who the hell is having a birthday party outside my window. At 8 in the morning?!” I thought. It wasn’t the first time I’d been awakened to strange and particularly annoying sounds coming from outside my window. A few mornings before it was “Oh my god! Oh my god!” that pierced my ears in the morning.

Such is the glory of having a neighbor with a bird. Or, as I more recently discovered, two birds. Loud. Screechy. Talkative. Birds.

To start things off, why would you ever want to own a bird? They’re filthy. I’ve seen more than one crap where it eats. What would possess someone to own TWO birds that make loud screeching? When I’m trying to sleep?

Now, I haven’t talked to said neighbor, so maybe this post is just passive-aggressive posturing, but what can someone do about such a thing? The LA noise ordinance stuff is a little confusing. I have zero contact with this dude, so I’m not sure exactly how to approach this whole thing.

Does anyone else have neighbors with wildly annoying pets? What did you do about it?

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  1. Benjamin,

    You are not alone. My arch nemesis is the neighbor’s dog directly across from my building. Every evening especially at around 9 pm the little bastard will bark up a storm usually for no reason. God forbid a dogwalker strolls past. How such a tiny beast can produce such volume is beyond me. And why at sometimes at 6:45 am? What do I do? Mostly curse.

    I wrote a letter to the LA…err..humane society or something two summers ago. They forwarded a notice to the owners who curtailed the barking for a spell. I have no problemo with the dog. He’s cute and all, but when the barking goes on for in upwards of an hour… simply maddening. All because his owners must be glued to Telemundo or something.

    I’ve tried yelling but it makes me look like a jerk. I know that I am not the only one around here that has had it. I’ve heard others yell out too. I fantasize about kidnapping the little shit and giving him away (which would probably be too easy since he’s usually out there unwatched for periods of time) to someone, anyone across town. What do you say? 2 birds foir a mutt?

  2. benjamin –

    You can file a complaint with the local Animal Regulation/Care facility, though I don’t know that it will do you any good. Complaints have to be made in writing; find your zip code on this page to see which office you should send it to.

  3. Those look like African greys in the picture, which are said to be the most intelligent of all parrots and possess the greatest vocabulary.

    It’s definitely inconsiderate of your neighbor to have not one but two and I would never personally have such loud creaures that could potentially be a nuisance to my neighbors, but I’m not quite sure why you’re hating on the birds because you incorrectly think they’re filthy because they’re not potty trained. Birds are actually quite meticulous in keeping themselves clean. Sure they eat and shit in the same small cages that us humans confine them to, but try to keep in mind that in the wild where a parrot poops an undigested fruit seed soon a tree might rise from it.

  4. I do appreciate the birds, I feel sorry for them when confined to a cage as that is now how they were meant to be. It appears your neighbor let’s them run loose in the apartment which is probably better for the birds.

    Seriously, did you try knocking on their door and let them know that the birds are kind of noisy in the early in the morning? Might even ask them to keep them confined to a different part of the house where there aren’t open windows for them to squawk from until say 9 or 10AM?

    If all else fails, close your own windows as the birds are doing pretty much the only thing they know. Being birds.

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