Ving Rhames’ dogs kill people


Very new, very breaking news. According to ABC (via The Superficial) a 40 year old employee of Ving Rhames was found dead this morning covered in dog bites. 2 200-pound mastiffs have been grabbed by animal control until more info can be determined. Ouch.

3 thoughts on “Ving Rhames’ dogs kill people”

  1. Ok…horrible way to die, at what point do we go “bad doggy” and put them in a time out for good?

    I’m a dog lover but there are some breeds that through years of inbreeding that have just become too dangerous to have around. I am aware of more than a few groups and individuals who will disagree but after the hundreds of dog bites I have seen you’d change your mind. I’m not advocating getting rid of the dogs, rather advocating not training them to be killers.

  2. Mastiffs are very large dogs and any dog could be dangerous if not socialized properly…saying that Mastiffs have the reputation of being “gentle giants”. They are great family dogs and attacks by Mastiffs (not bull mastiffs or any other cross just mastiffs) are very rare. Cocker spaniels and dalmations attack people at triple the rate that mastiffs do.

    I myself have a mastiff and he weighs in at 185 lbs and is probably the gentlest and kindest dog I have ever owned.

    Side note–it says that none of the wounds were deadly and that he had a heart attack…could he have begun to have a heart attack in the pen and the dogs responded to it by biting at him..generally with any animal this is a common reaction for someone in distress

  3. I have to agree with Tim; I do not believe that the mastiffs were the cause of death. I own 2 Great Danes, which are a type of mastiff, & have been around other mastiff’s in my work & have never seen a mean streak in either of the breeds. Even before the news was telling us that the bites were sustained after death, I believed that they weren’t intent on hurting the caretaker, only reacting to him having a heart attack. Dogs just don’t up & kill or maime someone that’s been feeding them for 2 years. Good luck Ving!

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