Good Deed & Good Rock: Circle Jerks, The Locust & More Play a Benefit

ferdie.jpg400 Blows is a genre-defying, heat-seeking ear-shattering cacophony of punk-post-rock-blues-on-bad-acid brilliance, and they’ve been LA stalwarts for…uh, I’m actually not sure how long, but I remember seeing them around in 2000, and shortly thereafter rocking shows at places like Juvee (R.I.P.). Namechecked repeatedly by the local press and occasionally surfacing on national radar–but always too uncompromising for a broad-based fat frat dude appeal–the guys have paid their dues.

But they didn’t sign up for this.

Mid-national- tour, their drummer, Ferdie–an incredibly nice, shy (at first), thoughtful and easygoing guy (IMO)–got nailed with the bird flu. No, not the avian thing! I mean the chicken pox. It’s nasty when you’re a grown-up. The whole tour aborted, everyone finally returned home here to LA after Ferdie stabilized a bit, but his bills are nasty, and the recovery protracted. He’s an ass-kicker and name-taker, and will pull through, but medical bills blow big time (seen Sicko? ugh), and so in an awesome show of support, The Locust, The Bronx, Qui (with David Yow from the Jesus Lizard), and a few others we’re not allowed to mention the Circle Jerks will be playing a benefit this Saturday. You should go. The bands are amazing, the cause is solid, and the result will have Ferdie back behind his drum kit asap, which will be good for anyone who loves the rock.

It’ll be at the Echoplex, this Saturday, fifteen bucks beforehand & 17 at the door, with doors at 6pm.

This show will be sweaty.