Filmmaking hobos? this for the ultimate Hollywood triple threat: actor-director-hobo.

Meet Jeff Stone and Vern Moen, two local filmmakers who moved into a used RV a year and a half ago, saving money they otherwise would be spending on rent and instead buying video equipment and self-financing their short films. Together they call themselves The Hobo Soul, and infuse the hobo lifestyle into everything from what they eat to how they shoot.

And they have a blog.

On Monday I’ll post my interview and profile with them which may inspire you to move out of your apartment and into your car… or at least make the idea practical.

2 thoughts on “Filmmaking hobos?”

  1. Wow. This is the coolest post on Metroblog this week! Now I want to go down to all those RV’s in the Marina and ask to see their movies and equipment. Seriously, I’ve always wondered what they do in those things. I just figured it was hardcore sex and meth.

    I’ll start reading their blog. It sounds like a hoot.


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