LA City Council gets Simpsonsized


I tossed the fifteen members of the Los Angeles City Council’s faces into Simpsonize Me, and these are the results.

For the most part these are exactly as the computers morphed our city officials into 2-D goodness, but some needed a little help. Regardless, if you’d like to play, try and guess who each of the above cartoon characters portrays before reading on.

I missed out on some other important city folks. Mayor V, Rocky D, and Zuma Doggy-Dog are clearly missing. So, if you’re up for a challenge, Simpsonize those guys or anyone else of L.A. signifigance, and either post it and leave the link in the comment, or email me the image (at [email protected]) and I’ll post it in a few days. (Aaron Proctor has already given Pasadena Mayor Bogaard the yellow treatment).

Oh, the Simpsonize Me thing is part of a Burger King promotion, who have provided me with no compensation. Not that I’d refuse any (hint, hint).
















16 thoughts on “LA City Council gets Simpsonsized”

  1. Gee, I didn’t know zuma dogg was an elected official; last I heard, when he threatened to run for city council, he couldn’t get any votes to get on the ballot. OF course, since he lives out of a van, he doesn’t have an address, could have run from anywhere, but even so. No joke, the guy is an idiot and a time0-wasting fool — check his Mayor Sam site and you’ll see, it’s dead out of disgust, his smelly 15 mins. of fame are up. If he is Simpsonized, it will have to include a scratch- and – sniff of YUK, PUKE to get the full effect.

    Whatever thinks of these people, they took the time and money to run, and are out there every day taking the punches for WORKING, a word Zuma doesn’t recognize, to make a difference.

  2. Thanks all.

    Angeleno: I was more disappointed in the results for Tom LaBonge – his energy alone makes him a candidate to be a real life Simpsons character (and I mean that in a good way, naysayers).

  3. To Militant Angeleno: Good observation. But the ones you mention are caricatures of themselves already, don’t even need to be morphed into toons. I think Wesson is pretty right-on, too.

    But they made all the white guys look the same: gee, is it really that hard to tell them apart?

    And why is Reyes the only Hispanic with white, not brown skin? Did he convert out of La Raza recently?

  4. Linda: for the most part, I based skin tone on the pix I could find. Reyes didn’t have many to work with, and the ones I did find didn’t show a darker complexion.
    Rosendahl is yellow just because I thought he looked cooler in yellow.

  5. “white” characters in the simpsons universe are yellow. asian characters are pale yellow. rosendahl is the only white guy whose simpsonization is the correct color.

  6. You did a great job, David.

    If you haven’t already, you really should forward this link to all of them.

    I’m sure they’d get a huge kick out of it.

  7. This was picked up by the Daily News today, by the way (Mariel Garza’s column, in Opinion), and all the editors there loved it. So you’ve got a bigger audience than just here… Really clever.

    You think they’ll enlarge this and put it up at City Hall?

  8. It’s on LAist, too, and who knows where else… you really hit it.

    Parks, Perry, Wesson are especially perfect, noses and all — all the other do have the same nose, but Zine’s is actually more like these African-Americans and Garcetti and Weiss have tinier ones. Somehow Rosendahl does look good in yellow — he loves to be flashy, when he’s not in his Council suit and tie.

    The generic huge grin is ready-made for the Mayor.

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