Everybody wants to be a star

movie%20projector.jpgAugust 11th is Home Movie Day, and because you live in Los Angeles, you can screen your home movies at the Academy’s Dunn Theater. Check in from 11 to 3 for screenings from noon to 4. (Aspiring directors take note:Bring in those old family films and you’ll be able to use the line “Well, my first short screened at the academy” at cocktail parties)

In the evening, starting at 7, you’ll be treated to 16mm gems from the Academy’s archive including the construction of LA’s city hall; the opening day of Disneyland (stukas anyone?); and home movies from Alfred Hitchcock, Esther Williams, and king of cool Steve McQueen.

(Picture courtesy of aka Kath, who clearly should be celebrating Home Movie Day on the 11th)