Missing Kid

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I’m not sure if this happens in other parts of LA, but in my neighborhood of Lincoln Heights you’ll sometimes see posted signs searching for missing kids, which I assume are mostly runaways. Usually the flyers are hand written and include a very sincere statement regarding the person in question, coupled with a plea for information. Maybe it’s just some kid going crazy for a short spell via the pressure of a few wild friends, or it could be the first steps into a committed campaign against the world of lawfulness. But I’ve known enough runaways to realize that it can also be a very thoughtful rebellion against an oppressive family environment, and although I have no idea about the boy in this flyer, I often hope that’s the case.

Whatever you’re up to, take care of yourself Kevin.

4 thoughts on “Missing Kid”

  1. He’s only 13… So sad. And he has my second last name.

    I feel these posted ads are more effective than the “Have you seen me” mailings. just my two cents.

    Kevin, be careful.

  2. Wow. Wish the kid well. What needs to be pointe out is a rarely talked about or known fact I stumbled across is that running away is a symptom of teens suffering from depression as well. Depression in teens is not uncommon as the change in hormones can affect your brain chemistry and seratonin or endorphin production and use. Point is I do wish this kid well and whatever the cause it is found and addressed.

  3. As a father of six children, who acts as the mother and father to my children, I can only imagine what Kevins parents are going through.

    Here in San Dimas we only have signs of missing dogs and cats, which have been used for food by the wild life from the foothills. We do have many teenagers that disappear for a week or two, but show up when they run out of money.

    I hope Kevin returns home soon.

  4. I’ve seen this. A kid in one of my classes kind of looks like this kid too, but goes by a different name.

    It’s sad.

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