Telemarketing Tard

Just got a phone call from Golf Remodeling in the 818 (not linking, for obvious reasons). My caller ID said “Golf Remodeling” and while not answering telemarketers is easiest, I do like to answer so I can ask to be taken off their call lists. (Unless the assclown hangs up on me first.)

So I answer and the nice man says “May I speak to Kurt please?” And I say, “He’s not here right now.” And before I can make my take-me-off-your-list request, the nice man says, “Do you know when he’ll be home or can I talk to his wife, if necessary?”

I had to hold back my laughter as I said “‘If necessary?’ Did you just say ‘If necessary??'”

He backpedaled so fast he could have won a stage in the Tour de France.

And he promised me he would take me off their list, he would do that especially for me.

Can someone tell me what year this is?

5 thoughts on “Telemarketing Tard”

  1. My favorite way to terrorize the telemarketers was hand a toddler the phone, especially the ones who really liked to chat forever about nothing. Sadly they grew up and that doesn’t work anymore.
    Now I resort to just putting the phone down and walking away…until I get the off the hook tone.

  2. Or just ask the telemarketers what they’re wearing, then describe in detail what sort of slinky outfit you’re picturing them in… of course, this could backfire.

  3. More than once a telemarketer has asked me for “the lady of the house”. I usually tell them she left and took all my money. They don’t call back.

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