Sweatin’ Bullets: Locked and Loaded

What is Sweatin’ Bullets? An occasional round up of posts from or about L.A. blogs and bloggers, concentrating on original content, citizen journalism, and blogger achievements (even if non-blog related). If you know of a blog post or blogger that deserves mention, please send me an email at [email protected]
photo by 5000! used without any permission whatsoever

Turns out Ed Padgett wasn’t the only one to have items stolen from his locker, and he fears the problem may only get worse as the LA Times HQ outsources its security personnel.

The Militant Angeleno observes Hyperion Ave. from his bicycle. And bitches.

Finally, something Kevin Roderick won’t write about: now director of the UCLA Newsroom website, he writes he needs to recuse himself from covering anything Bruin related. Also keeping him busy are gigs as “author, freelance journalist, radio commentator and occasional pundit (and historic resources consultant.)”

Los Angeles to San Fran by bus for a buck? Zach at LAist has the fine print and more budget travel options.

DigLounge ranks the alternatives to drunk driving, so as to avoid being “sent to the Paris Hilton”, if you catch my drift.

Green LA Girl debunks the theory that a mostly black computer screen is ecologically sound.