City of Los Angeles, now with better hold music?

Sometimes this city surprises me. Okay, actually, this city surprises me all the time. Like last week when I couldn’t go ANYWHERE because the 5 freeway was a parking lot. Or maybe it was today when I read that the City of Los Angeles is going to be launching a new program where they set up local bands to play while you’re on hold with them! Yeah, they’re gona pull 10-12 unsigned local acts every year, pay them $500 for a song and then play their jams as hold music for a year before doing the whole thing again.

Whose idea was this? Seriously. It’s one of the coolest programs I’ve ever heard from in a city where local music can languish under the radar of most people who live here. I’m not sure who is picking the songs, but let’s hope once they post bios and pics at we’re going there to find out who is singing that awesome song while we were waiting on hold FOREVER.

via The Daily Swarm

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