Its all fun and games until somebody gets shot.

Jill Leovy writes that her Homicide Blog has tracked at least 24 murders so far this year that have involved a party. The most recent was shortly after 1am Saturday at a residence two blocks away from L.A. City College, where a 22 year old white man man was shot.

This was apparently a “clean” party, until some party crashers arrived, including the suspect, who escaped the scene.

Leovy posts some guidelines from a Rampart police sergeant on how to keep yourself safe:

If you are at a party ,and the mood or the mix of the crowd seems to be changing, leave, he said. If an argument breaks out involving anyone at the party, leave. If you are throwing the party, and, “you look around and you don’t recognize the people at the party,” call the police. “We are trying to get the word out,” said Bojorquez. “When you lose control of your party, call us.”

What makes the most recent killing stand out is the race of the victim – the other party related murder victims have been minorities, mostly of Hispanic or Latino descent.