Does the 101 go to Twin Pines Mall?


If you drive around LA enough you will see a few De Loreans from time to time. It’s always cool and always induces a double take. But Jason Carlin not only saw a De Lorean, he saw THE De Lorean while heading down the 101 yesterday. Here’s another shot. I’m pretty sure if I saw that on the road I’d just die right there. Either that or bust out my skateboard and go hang onto the back bumper. Wait a second, is that Bif in the drivers seat?

7 thoughts on “Does the 101 go to Twin Pines Mall?”

  1. wtf, it has a license plate? i thought…and wait. why would it take the road when it could fly?

  2. omg! I swear I’m going to mod one like that if I won the lottery then speed around the Puente Hills Mall (the one used as twin/lone pine mall) parking lot until I got arrested or the terrorists get me.

  3. A few weeks back in Chicago we saw one of these (presuming it’s not the same BTTF II De Lorean) on a trailer. The one we saw had signatures on it in sharpie and a license plate that read BTTF.COM.

  4. For those of you who liked this image, I often pass by a deloreon only dealer on my way to cal state northridge in the SFV. It is called Deloreon One and they often have 6 or seven deloreons lined up next to each other for service/sales etc..
    It is on nordhoff blvd somewhere between desoto and mason. enjoy seeing the back to the future lineup.

    Jody Weissler

  5. Two weeks ago at the Car Classic at Art Center in Pasadena, the Delorean Club of SoCal had 11 Deloreans lined up in the parking lot (unofficial participants), including two that were done up in BttF regalia.

    You can see the guys checking out one with the hardware sticking up from the aft end. The car that is just one up from them was also in BttF drag, and close up pictures of the cockpit are in the Flickr set.

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