Sweatin’ Bullets: It’s A Raid!

dearaid.jpgShay Sowden has a fantastic set of photos taken from Wednesday’s raid of a Hollywood medical marijuana dispensary. (used under Creative Commons)

Downtown, Rico of Angelenic has some pics and news up of construction at Fourth and Hill, while Ed Fuentes of BlogDowntown looks into a fatal accident where an MTA bus hit a pedestrian at 5th and Spring.

Gridskipper unveil’s its most useful map yet: LA’s Best, Weirdest, Coolest, Dodgiest Arcades, assembled by blogging.la’s Helen Jupiter.

The Pinkberry hatin’ residents of Venice may have a legal option to halt future chain stores from appearing along Abbot Kinney. Peter McFerrin at Clueless and Slightly Slack proposes a city ordinace to ban “formula retail” on the street.

On my RSS reader, two items right after another: RumorsDaily posts about “High Quality Dog Care”, referring to pet acupuncture; below it, an entry from the LAPD blog titled “Dog Shot During Police Investigation”.

Screenwriting blog The Artful Writer gives a primer on what a screenplay sale will earn the new or experienced scribe. (h/t John August)

Bloggers announcement: Down With Pants will be shopping for diapers next February… and Aaron Proctor announces he’ll be returning to Pasadena in mid-August (although one would never guess this blogging machine has been posting from St. Louis for the past few months).

3 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets: It’s A Raid!”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I can’t wait to become a lame daddy blogger. I’m already a lame blogger, so it won’t be that much of a stretch.

  2. I cant seem to post on the Gridskipper site, or find where to sign up, but they are missing the Family Amusement Corp on Vermont is LA. That place is dodgy

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